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Cancer Immunologist

Dr. Danielle Twum combines her training as a cancer immunologist with the skills she has learned working in biotech to make science exciting and accessible to all. Originally from Ghana, Dr. Twum attended university and graduate school in the United States. In graduate school, she developed a passion for scientific communication for lay audiences when she participated in a TEDxBuffalo event, giving a talk entitled ‘Guardians of Your Inner Galaxy’. Translating scientific jargon into every day, accessible language, her talk was an introduction to the fantastic inner workings of the immune system. Her greatest accomplishment so far has been being able to explain her thesis work clearly and concisely to a lay audience in the 3-Minute Thesis competition at the University at Buffalo where she was the 1st Runner-Up. Since then, she has made it her life’s work to bring science to anyone with even the tiniest interest and to make science fun for everyone. Dr. Twum is committed to increasing visibility of women, especially Black women, as role models for young girls. Her hobbies primarily include finding the best Korean, Japanese, and Indian food restaurants wherever she goes. She’s also an avid reader and loves dabbling in fashion and photography.

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